Pimpri, Maharashtra

Best suited for first timers & children

Description :

Andharban is known as the Dark Dense Forest as the meaning of Andhar is dark in Marathi and ban means dense forest. Monsoon is the best season to experience the miraculous trail of Andharban Forest. With hardly any ascent, umpteen waterfalls on the more

What to Expect:


Panoramic Views



Water at start

Food at start

Water on trail

Food on trail

Getting there :

Closest City: Lonavala

• It is NOT recommended that you do this trek by using local transport, as there is no direct bus that reaches the start (Pimpri village) and end point (Bhira Dam). • If you are planning to bring your own or a hired vehicle, you will have to take a driver with you as the start and end point of the trek are pretty far from each other and your driver can take your vehicle to the end point. • Follow google directions to the start point using the button above.

Aditional information :
During monssons, the forest department might close the trek based on the weather conditions.

Entry Fee: 150 Rs

Food,Water and Stay on the trek: • Food and water available at the starting point of the trek (Pimpri village). • Water can be refilled from waterfalls on the trail. (Only in monsoons) • Cooked food is available on trail, if requirement is communicated to the local stall owners. (Subject to availability)

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